>What Does God Expect of Us?

>Tonight is the first of 6 sessions at UMKC on the topic of poverty. We’re using material from Richard Sterns entitled, The Hole in our Gospel. I am excited and full of uncertainty at the same time. Hopeful it is more than 6 weeks of reminding us that their are people who experiencing a different lifestyle than us. I am hoping that the result is that we will do something with what is better understood.

Stern poses this question “What does God expect of Us?” Given any thought leads me to want to repent. Specifics are evident but beyond that I know in general I generally am not meeting the expectation He has. How do you meet in kind and fully all the desires of the one who you can’t even stand in their presence? It does also however grant to me a willful desire to live better. Avoiding the vein religiosity by maintaining repetition in ‘events.’ Abstain from sin of course, but somehow reconcile that in the perfecting process I can be patient and still do something to help serve. Aspire to great service without loosing a strong sense of humility.

What does God expect from us is the question asked. I am certain Stern has conclusions about the subject with respect to poverty. Those aside I can see that this question will be one of the daily bell ringing in my soul. I have to maintain the right direction with the correct motivation because there is a better way to live why we wait for Him to return.

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