>Grace is a Gift

>A great preacher of this time named David Warren once said “grace is often appreciated and then hoarded.” We are peculiar people. We portray a sort of humility when people gives us things but that humility is sometimes lost once we have received it. I remember preparing a series through grace and finding that I have been where Spurgeon says “humble hearts seek grace and therefore they get it.” And yet upon receiving it I have not been very grateful.

Where do we get to the point of like Spurgeon where we understand that “we’re needy, helpless, undeserving creatures and if we are humble we ought to be.” I have found that any humility I aspire to achieve is routed in God’s grace to begin with. I have to be humbled by God and that is an act of grace in itself.

There is no logical explanation for God doing anything for us at all.

Common grace is enough to look to the hills from which comes our help. For those who understand there is another grace that looks even further beyond our faults and saw what we really need, we understand just how good and perfect every gift is from the Father.


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