>Have You Noticed?

>One of the things that makes life a bit mundane is the fact that our living it distracts us from life itself. I’ve driven MILES from time to time and failed to recollect any portion of the journey I have just encountered (which is kind of scary when you think about it.)

Life in general has a way getting past us. It is a sort of distant acquaintance we only become familiar with when crash course events makes ‘me’ converge with ‘my life.’ When those moments occur I look with uncertainty at first, then intrigue, and followed with a bit of joy, only to remember to get back to my task list of important things to do.

Picture if you would your own life; your altar ego walking quietly behind you. I’ll spare you his name for me but do the same for yourself. If he/she were walking behind you for the day/month how much would he/she notice that you miss. Write them down. If you have not concluded that this world is just a mixture of chance and noble gases and believe at the very least that there is a God working to do something, then perhaps you missed some things that happened today. Maybe you missed some great gracious gifts that God gave you and you used, but didn’t see the ‘thank you’ in them.

It is my belief that there is a grace that is so common to all people and we are all recipients of its implications. God has given us many good things (just your reading and my writing is an illustration of this truth.) Have You Noticed? Write them down and perhaps you’d be so inclined to graciously share some of those things you have found with me.

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