>So lets recap what we learned this past few weeks:

– Welcome home Weezy!??? (30 years ago this would have been some sort allusion to the Jefferson’s)

– Big Congrats to all you all out there attempting to eat healthy and looking good while you do it.

– If you’re a politician it pays to listen to your constituents….at least some of the time….that is if you want to keep your job.

– I don’t mind waiiiiiiiitin….wait….we’re in? This facility is nice. But the people is what makes the church look so good.

– Friendship is a lost art. Taken for granted is the assumption that people are obligated to be there for you. Many thanks to the ones who mysteriously have been checking in on me lately. I’ve needed it.

– Bishop?!? Yea… that’s why I’d say reserve the titles for when we’re in the by and by. That way you will have no question whether the title is accurate or not. I just can’t see God handing out incorrect accolades in heaven. “This eternal salvation goes to Bob…ooops not you.” Thank Goodness God never says oops.

-Grace is absolutely wonderful. And it is so wonderful because we just don’t get it, we receive it.

– SPAM that’s it. Miguel the jury is still out but I’m thinking Sustaining Perseverance Attaining Maturity but that’s just me. Your thoughts

A friendly shot out to those who read. I get some reports but I’m just a little curious. If get a moment drop a line and let me know if you’re reading this blog. Or have I reach the point of pontificating.


  1. >Simply hilarious. Your blogs are very encouraging. I appreciate you taking the time out to share your thoughts and wisdom. Keep up the good work…God's work. You're truly a blessing to many.

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