>- Its Friday again. This week has gone away way too fast.

– Allergies all year long are not allergies. Its not me with the problem there is something wrong with the air.

– It took me 10 minutes to type the last two lines with the random questions from a fellow worker.

– If you’re going to schedule a cruise its best to shoot for the broken boat as you are guaranteed a refund and some Spam. And as we know everything goes better with spam.

– Christians led by the spirit are supernaturally driven towards reconciliation and mutual care. It is safe to say that if you are not predisposed to that at least as a desire there may be a glitch in your priority system in comparison to your confession. Grace necessitates that to be true.

– Kanye West and George Bush should put out an album…no really I think it would go platinum. (insert Bussey title: KANYE WEST AND GEORGIE B.)   and the freshman album StankOilonya with special appearance by Andre 3000 and Farnsworth Bentley.

– All things being equal I think it is safe to say that a 5-3 Chiefs is better than a running back smacking folks in the club. (This could be a line in a song written by Kanye and Bush on their new album.)

– Bret Favre says he’s not returning this year. I had to read the date on the article 3 times to make sure I wasn’t reading an article from 2009, 08, 07??  Farve is the like the puppy with the spoon with peanut butter on it. ‘No fruffy there’s no more peanut butter stop licking it you’re just wasting your time.’

– Have a blessed weekend. And if I don’t get to Randomness next week have a blessed safe thanksgiving. It should not have to be special moments where you go out of your way to say ‘thankyou’ or ‘here is why i appreciate you…’ or ‘this is why i am thankful for you…’ but at the least they’ll have something to hold on to till the next special moment…Perhaps this will spark you to find thanksgiving (and grace toward others) regularly. And try not to eat all the turkey…at least at once….at least on Thursday.


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