>Humbled by the Moment

>I was sitting back watching our small group leaders pour apposite truth toward their fellow peers; disseminating grace as they dissect and disseminate a lesson on grace. I am humbled by the moment of seeing something I have thought was in line with the will of God years ago start to come into fruition…in spite of my own frailties and nebbish character at times. He brings about His will with great perfection. And for that I am grateful for the reasonable spiritual sanity to know when something has happened that ultimately God has said ‘well done good and faithful servants.’

I have grown quite fond of a few writers one of them is Malcolm Muggeridge. I seem to quote a lot of what He has said in my sermons. He makes a statement about life’s moments saying:

“Fearful Symmetry [whose meaning is transparently clear if only one has the code book and knows how to use it- the code book being of course the Gospels and Epistles and other related literature.]Every happening, great & small, that is to say, is a parable whereby God speaks to us; and the art of life is to get the message.”

Every now and again I get a moment to really sit back and think about what is happening/ what just happened and gush of overwhelming Grace is lavished upon me like canals in a dry and weary land in just the right season and I am humbled by the moment. Gods glimpses are better than Tivo. You can replay a moment on the television and only get that exact moment. But replaying what God does takes you to a higher definition of who He is.

I got the message last night God. Thank you so much for it.


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