>What are You Doing?

>I had a regular lunch meeting with a friend of mine who is working in ministry. The latest turn of events in his life have been something of a reminder that there are some things that are just out of our reach. Uncanny is the word that comes to mind when you are in a tussle in life and all of a sudden things begin to work out…well beyond what you had ever considered possible.

You need transportation God sends you a car that is paid off and a job too. You need companionship God sends you a ministry to lead with people who want to grow. You need cheerleader in your life God sends someone who knows you better than yourself and they remind you of things you had forgotten. You hope to have more purpose in life God starts dropping opportunities you would have never thought were possible; things you had never even considered. There is nothing to say except to ask God “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

I mentioned to him how easily I tend to forget the circus. I used to wonder if the tight rope walker ever got used to walking the tight rope? And I’m not talking about it in the sense of falling but in the very nature of walking on something so small so high in the air. It is really amazing. No matter how many times they walk it is still not common. God has become common so when He does something that rattles us we do tend to ask ‘What are You Doing?’

In a world that is fallen dirt should be enough to send us into the depths of true worship. Not because there is something great about dirt in itself but that anything that exists is an extension of the grace of God. When you can appreciate the dirt how much greater it is when you meet someone new for the first time, or drive a car, or laugh, or tell someone how much you love them. These are not common things rather they are great things that God has given us the opportunity to experience over and over again. And like innocent children amused you would think we would love to say “do it again daddy!”

When God does amazing things that wake you up perhaps it is not just to get you to ask ‘What Are you doing God?’ at that moment. But perhaps it is to remind you that this question should apply to the sun rising also. He is not common. He does nothing ordinary.

What is God doing? Always something amazing.

One thought on “>What are You Doing?

  1. >I never thought of things like that befor this grace series. Just the fact that the sun come up every morning is not an ordinary thing no one could do that but God. It is so true Everything he do is amazing. Its funny how we well me, I take so many things for granted. This grace series has really open my eyes to a lot of thing. Just the fact that I can send this comment is nothing but grace. Things that I looked at befor I do not see them the same way. AL JOHNSON JR

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