>Departing soon. Pray for us!

-It has come to my attention that I get more responses on Friday Randomness than I do all week long talking about. (Not that I get many responses at all but its still a valid truth.) Which makes me wonder if my slaving over musings about God is worth it if I can get laughter from my own ridiculousness on Fridays. I’m leaning toward the ridiculousness right now.
-Simultaneously I have noticed that I have readers from Russia and the Netherlands. Shot out to my brothas and sistas in the upper ice caps of a land I have never been to. I suppose this makes my website international? Either that or you all have some bootlegged Internet service.

– I’ve been forwarded this link. I have so much to say about it. But this is not the place…..ok maybe it is. “LIFT THOSE DIRTY HANDS……..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF1CASvtznc&feature=youtube_gdata_playerd

– I went to a step show last week for the first time in about 10 years. Cost me two boxes of diapers to see 3,420 Deltas step. Not the regular sized boxes of diapers, I’m talking about Costco specials. 3 separate shows from the same chapter? Really????

– I’m going to fly to Florida soon. I spend more time packing books than clothes. You say that’s ridiculous, I say that it shows I pack smart. If you are off next week you should go do the things you really like to do when you are not doing what you have to do. And either way you should be thankful.

– So this young woman put me on to this app similar to a game we used to call scrabble. Back when we played board games on boards. Back when we actually spent time in the same room. I do not espouse getting blown out with 47 point three letter words while I pay per kilobyte. I’ve resigned from playing until I can get my lexicon close. It’s difficult to make words when you have 4 i’s 2’s and a ‘q.’

– Let me roll out some thanks to some people who I hope to see them doing a few entries in the upcoming year. Sierra M., Jessica M., M. Warren Jr., Elvis B., Lakisha L (LL), Theresa E. Sheffield, Talor this time around and Spam. Thank you for being a God send an encourager, a rebuker, exhorter, corrector and trainer for me this last few months. God has used you to remind me that I am alright…in spite of the me that is not alright….and yet I am still usable by God. Perhaps I am a bit idealist, but when we see God properly what a beautiful thing it does to how we see others properly.

One thought on “>FRIDAY MORNING RANDOMNESS 11/19

  1. >Hello there! Definitely not your normal musings, but a good read nonetheless! I have missed seeing you on Buzz. What happened? I'm glad that I know where else I can find your musings!Have a safe trip! God bless you and yours, during the season of Thanksgiving!

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