>Thanksgiving In Between Plays

>In these latter years (of the early section of the middle period) of my life I have found that Thanksgiving takes on a different flavor from the normal starve, steal, “put that turkey down”, purge, pass out do it again before the second game starts so you can pass out before ‘Or the Land of the Freeeeeeee and the Hommmmmeeee……’

All that still part of the normal fourth Thursday in November tradition but now I’ve managed to think of a few things that carry a little more importance. My parents are getting older. Crazy to think they celebrated 50 years of marriage a few years ago. Fall has come. And while I seem to see them regularly I tend to derive more pleasure in their seeing all of my siblings together or watching the children. My excessive thinking perhaps but watching them enjoy the moment and knowing that while I had nothing to do with it other than being there gives me a sense of noble meaning to my own life. Something I could never accomplish through my own efforts.

And perhaps in a round about, semi-ambiguous, turkey overdose rant that is my point. Thanksgiving has become more about thankfulness for the opportunity to be a part of something that is noble for someone else. Not even about ‘hey I brought this/bought this/did this/etc…for you’ but, just the notion that perhaps I got a privilege of being a part of something for someone else’s unworldly joy. Friendship is rather uncommon. True friendship that is. Longstanding conversations that regardless of the distance or time apart since you haven’t seen each other since high school, and in spite of their many flaws you pick up the conversation where it left off. And that conversation is not about what you ate for dinner. But the one underneath the gravy. That conversation about how much you care about the others well being and how thankful you are for that person’s desire to at least try to be something beneficial in your life. Whether a marriage, a client, a sibling, parent, child, etc. its the difference between common terms for relationships and common grace of real relationships. I’m thankful to have a few that I never deserved.

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