>Randomness Monday

>I missed last Friday due to the turkey day extravaganza so here are a few thoughts I have:

– We spend a great deal of our time in our own heads thinking about all the things we could do and the whole while there is another convo going on somewhere in the back that says “but…” Whoever let that person in needs to kindly ask them to leave the premises. You might find yourself fulfilling things you had never considered possible.

– Chiefs win again. Bowe catches footballs. I’m not dignifying anything just yet. Its been a beautiful season thus far but I’m trying hard to not fall into the Roy Williams fairy tell.

– 3 year olds are the original wikipedia.

– If you read this sometime in the future send me a note and say this “One day He Will Return. Soon…but not yet. Not yet.” I’m certain your words will be right on time and much appreciated.

– I have gone through a turkey and eggs disdain for a while. The eggs part I’m not sure why but the turkey had something to do with how dry they can be. Turkey is back on the like list thanks to the help of it being fried and injected with buttery goodness… Now if we can find a way to wrap a turkey in bacon I’ll be alright.

– The TwentySomethings at my church hosted a lock-in and I am quite angry I was not able to be there to see them doing exactly what I have believed they were capable of doing all along. I detect the day where my work will be obsolete. Train your replacement they told me in seminary, its a privilege to be able to serve at all even if the season is short.

– We have one month left in a year that has taken what seems like 15 minutes to pass. I’m certain that having children increases the rate of time.

3 thoughts on “>Randomness Monday

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