>A Few Truthful Thoughts on Postmodernism: an intro to the December Unit

>I have been wrestling with this topic for about 4 months now. Well that is not exactly true. I think between my mother and fathers push for careful critical thinking, a Christian Ethics class in Seminary, brother Voddie Bauchum, and my futile attempts to do anything right, this topic has become one that has been a lifelong study. Yet with all that there is still a lot to wrap your mind around and attempt to place at a level that will not make you think “What?” or even worse fail to realize the value in understanding the concept even though it is a prevailing issue in everything.

In the beginning was the word and the word was everything and then Adam and Eve came along and decided ‘nah….we’d like to see whats behind fruit number one.’ And thus we find a constant battle between God who is truth and man attempting to tell man (because God is really not listening to our nonsense) what is true. Every once and a while we fall back in line for a few moments but only for a few moments. Its cyclical. Judges is a good example in the OT of the cycle, the last three hundred years or so has led to this era called Post(after) Modernism.

I will spare the history lesson and sum it up in a few words. Truth (in postmodern terms) is relative. I suppose the next question is ‘what do you mean by relative?’ Relative simple is ‘if it works for you’ it can be truth and if you ‘don’t like it’ well…we all know (if we are being truthful) what kind of people we are when truth is relative. When it is a few people who live like this it can be difficult because you never know where you stand with them, one day you are alright, the next day they hate you. Multiply it by a society and you get a group of people drinking proverbial sprites trying to obey their thirsts…only to find themselves still thirsty because that well they are standing by has no life in it.
Postmodernism is a deviation in every sense from absolute truth. It is at the core of the message of Christ and at the bare of every general conversation. Extreme post modernism struggles to find definition to words (deconstructionism) because their cannot be an absolute. (This is where we get this battle about what does that word really mean. Can you really say that is what it is.) One of the bigger influences is the overabundance of media. We receive so much data, so often, in so many formats we become numb. Information overload: All facts and no truth. All statements but none them have implications. Its the reason we can hear staggering statistics about things going on in our own neighborhood, or even worse someone sharing their extreme hurt in general or with you and say ‘darn that is messed up’ and pack up and go to Applebees, carrying our mp3, android phone while listening to XM radio in the car and reading the traffic report on the scrolling billboard on the highway.

Media in itself is not a bad thing. The problem is when truth becomes relative we stop thinking about what is truth, reality, purpose, what matters and all thought stops with the eye. As William Blake said:

“This life’s dim windows of the soul
Distorts the heavens from pole to pole
And leads you to believe a lie
When you see with, not through, the eye.”

Postmodern (in some arenas) says if it is not eye catching, not pleasing to the eye, or it does not sound good to me, then I do not have a need to think any further about it. A non postmodern biblical worldview person would ask what is wrong with the previous sentence? If I cannot wait, cannot endure, am not capable of taking every thought captive, have to have it now and it needs to always feel good, how will I ever live by faith? And faith so often demands us to live exactly the opposite.

2 thoughts on “>A Few Truthful Thoughts on Postmodernism: an intro to the December Unit

  1. >Very good! Are we on a downward spiral in this postmodern age or are the social norms so morally relaxed that it is more acceptalbe to be spiritually non-committal. Nowadays, it seems more "ok" to live by a "it's all relative" mentality (i.e. your *truth* is good for you, and my *truth* is good for me).Made me think…

  2. >We need to think in more of a biblical worldview. I mean that is bottom line. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of thinking postmodern at times. Reality is we struggle with many things. The world tells you one thing and the bible tells you the right thing. What we have to deal with is TRUTH. The bible to me and you is the absolute TRUTH. To many others it is a blurry line. Media says the word of God can't be totally true. Secularist won't and can't believe or can't get past their sin to actually read it. To understand how profound and amazing the the word of God is and what lay in the HOLY SCRIPTURES. Only by the GRACE of GOD can someone begin to look at themselves and see nothing good. But only by JESUS CHIRST can I be SAVED. By REPENTANCE and turning to him. Thank you for bring many to this reality and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. God bless and take care.Your Brother in Chirst,Bro. Randy Hodge

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