>Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?

>I remember preaching this text in my supervised ministry section on doing eulogies in seminary and how much I dreaded it. John 14 was the text and issue I dealt with is the commonly quoted John 14:7 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Over the years I think I have found the need to back up a verse and look at that first. I think I see a flaw in Thomas’ question.

I can’t imagine what sort of lost… wait.

I believe as I get older I do get a sense of the anticipation of what they felt like to get the message that (paraphrasing) Jesus is leaving. The person they have walked with, seen and touched with their own hands, who was there from the beginning has now in dramatic methods told them that they will be going it together without Jesus physically present. It had to be discouraging. When truth walks out the door, we tend to think that it is no longer true. And that would be so if truth had no implications. Jesus says that He is leaving, he will not be there in the flesh, and that is tough to take. But His departing does not mean they are alone.

We get glimpses of this in our lives when everything rational or noble or beautiful or right departs in friends lost, relationships faltered, stability gives way to shaky ground, certainty about yourself departs leaving an ugly reality. You see truth leave and sometimes the truth left seems to overshadow the truths that matter. Jesus is leaving…but that is so that one day He will no longer have to leave again.

If DeLano…er Thomas would have considered this in his question He would not have to say more than his first word. We DON’T know the way or where He is going. We don’t have the answers, we don’t get it right. But I would have likes to see a comma or some dots or a space (contrary to my English teaching mother’s grammar no-nos) after the first word. If I…excuse me Thomas would have just thought for a few moments about that fact of what He called Jesus then perhaps the not knowing would have been overshadowed by the truth He does know. LORD has implications.
     He was Lord when water looked at its master and blushed at a wedding.
     He was Lord when he made a man stop hanging out at pools of mediocrity.
     He was Lord when he said thank you that 2 fish and 5 loaves was enough to leave 12 baskets of leftovers for 5,000 plus.
     He was Lord when decided that liquid is solid enough for Him to walk on.
     He was Lord when he asked some people to move a stone away so He could get His friend out of a

“Lord” he is. And that Lordship is truth. And all truth has implications. To simply say you love someone is a declaration of something you intend to fulfill. Your degree of fulfillment dictates the quality of love you have and it is really not the recipients sole decision on how much love that is either. Thank God that Jesus did not love us enough to fulfill laws for the sake of rule keeping. But instead in His in His great love and grace fulfilled it, so that we might be able to know where He is going.

In a postmodern world truth is relative. And when it is true it rarely has much more implications than this moment…but not for tomorrow. But with Jesus because He points to himself when He says ‘this is the truth’ we needed worry abut the way to anything right provided our hopes, desires, and priorities are found in Him. Where are you going Jesus? Where have you gone Lord? I needn’t worry because you never really depart (unless your name is not really Immanuel) and even when you do in a sense your preparation is flawless and breathtaking.

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