– 25 years ago or so by now I would be worrying myself sick already anticipating getting out of school and awaiting the endless possibilities of toys under a tree.

– Happy upcoming Founders Day Bros.

– It has been said I have a facination with Spam. I deny all allegations.

– The Chiefs are 7-4 and its December…and they could win this weekend. These little moments have to be cherished while you can.

– Upon returning from Tampa my wife ran out the house and decided to hit Bambi. BAMBI TES! I know you’ve never seen the movie but you just can’t be hitting Bambi. In light of some horrific accidents that day will always be a reminder in manny ways of just how gracious and merciful our God is.

– 3 year olds are the original wikipedia.

– I have concluded that the more you say ‘boy it sure seems like it was just spring/march/etc’ that time grows exponentially. Not sure what all the implications are yet but when I figure it out I’m going to see if it can get me published or at least a late night infomercial.

– I have some great small group leaders who I have found that their being around me too much has led them to regularly make ridiculous statements. Then they turn around and look at me crazy because I’m talking about spam. Thats the definition of hypocrisy. I’m going to pray for you all…but I am all but certain it will not fix anything.

– Have a blessed weekend, you really don’t have a choice in the matter.


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