>Postmodern Conversations

>If there is not truth and no absolutes. How do you defend the Gospel message? When people conclude there is not truth or it is always up to interpretation there can be some difficulty in caring for others and offering them the opportunity to hear the Gospel message clearly? There is still a baseline for discussion. People have concerns, cares, stories, a reason for dialog. Consider these words by Dennis McCallum as an option.

“We use a number of subjects as a basis for Conversation and Cuisine discussions in our church. Examples of relevant, interesting subjects where postmodern contradictions abound include the following:

The environment
The family in modem culture
Social ethics
The existence and nature of God
Forgiveness in relationships
Workplace ethics
Dealing with guilt feelings
Medical ethics
The causes of crime (corporate, urban, etc.)
What is love?
Different views of the afterlife
The ethics of wealth
Animal rights and human responsibility
Current event(s)

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