>Hitting the Links

>I thought it well to send out a few sites I frequent with a lot of good material regarding evangelism, devotion, Christianity, world religions, etc. which you might find beneficial. Many of them have media lectures, pdfs, and other information you can download.

Apologetics 315– A great site with all kinds of information about defending the faith, links, audio files, and probably one of the best book review/study guide review sites that I have seen.
                       Basic Primer for Thinking Critically
                       23 Essays in pdf format on Is Christianity True
                       R. Scott Interview on Postmodernism
                       7 ISMS – Atheism, Scientism, Pluralism, Relativism, Secularism, Skeptivism, Mysticism

Christianity and Postmodernism Video on Pmod

Deconstructionism explained

Be Thinking Welcome to bethinking.org, brought to you by UCCF: The Christian Unions. Bethinking.org brings together some of the best possible resources to help you to understand, defend and communicate the Christian faith.

Worldwide Classroom – Every seminary course with assignments and lectures online for free. Part of Covenant Theological Seminary. If you want to go to seminary and can’t afford it, this is one place to start. One of the beauties of media is there is somewhere online where if you are serious and dedicated you can learn what you need to learn.

Ravi Zacharias links to Let My People Think and Just Thinking radio archives of numerous talks and discussions across the world and in college campuses. Again these are free or you have the freedom to make a donation to his ministry.

Psalm 305  thanks to my brother Dmack for this one. Reforming My Mind  Pursuing And Glorifying God Through A Reformed Worldview And Home. Lectures, sermons, links, etc. to all kinds of preaching, teaching, and noble efforts to draw attention to the glory of God. Not sure who to look at? Start with Voddie Baucham.

I’ll be including some links to CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, Francis Schaeffer, and others at some point but feel free to email me and I’ll send them to you.

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