>- I have people coming up to me saying “you’re acting real postmodern right about now.” I’ve created a monster. Muuuuuhahahahaha

– I was contemplating would it be the defense? Or perhaps Bowe and the other wide receivers would start to have a relapse. No its the appendix that will start the downfall of the remainder of the season. [I long to stand corrected next Friday.]

– Refereeing basketball is subjective. Unless you are watching the referee then it is objective. Which ultimately is refereeing the referee. And that is an unpaid position.

– I have a few people who by their attempts to flatter me, lead me to pull out a tent, sackcloth and ashes and go in a corner and repent. Its funny how some of the most honest and genuine encouragement carries the double edge of cutting off the ego. On a side note folks are coming out the woodwork with encouragement and something silly to say and ‘ra-ra’s’ and they are much appreciated. Its good to know that someone out there is listening and I have really needed it.

– What good is a post-it note if you loose it? I had something good for the entry and I can’t remember where I posted it. Lost-it note.

– Scrabble is not to be played over the phone. And if the app doesn’t allow you to play Fiji or Spam its probably an app created by the person who sent it to you so they can always beat you by 430 points. How else do explain someone playing ‘wash’ and getting 67 points????

– Cruises are not in right now. Who takes a cruise to Antartica anyway? “And on your left is a glacier a polar bear and a penguin hollarin for Jesus trying to get away.”

– I have a coworker who has taken to the task of coming over to say something ridiculous to me every day. I’ll be posting everything he says next week for my randoms. [No not the lawyer, the other one for those who regularly subscribe to the soap opera Engineer and the Restless]

– When people say let it marinate it most often means they made a joke to complicated and they are hoping you get it and out of compassion laugh so they don’t feel bad.


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