>God in a Feeding Trough Part 1

>This is part 1 of a discourse which evolved out of a transition in my life from one perspective of Christmas to another. From Lego’s and the new Metroid for super Nintendo to Christ   mas.

He was just a child. Certainly there were children born in similar cumbersome events. Children seem to (or at least when ‘nature’ is allowed to take its unpredictable course) show up in moments that press time’s importance. If he was just an ordinary child it would have been a good story for His mother to share at each birthday. ‘I remember when you were born we had to travel out of town. We had to put you in a feeding trough for animals because they overbooked the inn where we had planned on staying.’ And they would laugh about it while they ate cake.

So much had already occurred prior to his arrival to call this birth just ordinary. (Like calling the mailman dropping off bills ‘ordinary’ after you just watched your house explode.) The arrival of this child preceded by fireworks leaves no question that there was something special about Him. A family member lost his ability to speak; silenced until his child another son was born. A cousin pregnant with a leaping child in her own stomach. The whole family singing beautiful songs worthy of being captured in a book. And angels! Oh yes all kind of angels with melodic messages: ‘Your wife is adding a tax deduction to your family, shhhhh don’t say anything. Greetings! You are pregnant!’ ‘Don’t fear, Go here, Don’t Fear, Go There, Don’t Fear, Such and Such is Dead, Go back.’ All of this angelic speaking with the sound of multitudes bellowing thanksgiving and bringing Good New; fair and balanced good news.

Some pregnancies leave eternal significance. In this trough used to feed barbaric animals was a God-Man Child whose glory could wash away mankind’s animalistic nature and leave them white as snow.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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