>God in a Feeding Trough 2

>This is Part 2 of God in a Feeding Trough
click here for Part 1

The shepherds must have felt privileged in retrospect at this moment. Their muddled profession of long nights and days of tending to not the noblest of animals, the sheep. Sitting, moving, correcting, and guiding one of the dumbest animals in the kingdom…at night…while everyone else is sleep. But these sheep must have had some intrinsic value or fear that they may be stolen. Why else would anyone keep watch over them by night?

Long nights with little changes. Monotonous, quiet and without caffeine or 5 hour energy drinks. (Mountain dew but not the kind in a can.) Day and night after night the same story, the same sheep, the same hills. How much did their feet hurt? Long motionless nights until the arrival of an angel shepherding them to a greater truth. They received the message in all of its irony: It is not your jobs that have been pointless, it is your lives that have been lived that way. Leave now and go find the savior.

The excitement of the arrival of deliverance will make you do some strange things. Some will walk on water, some will travel great lengths to get one touch. Shepherds are the most ridiculous. All that effort to keep an eye on sheep that not one would be lost and they get one message about the savior of the world arriving and they leave it all. I wonder how long it was before the sheep wandered off or were stolen; sold on Ebay? No worry for them, they had heard their shepherd’s voice and they were willing to follow him from beside the still waters and green pastures. Even to feeding troughs in Bethlehem.

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