>God in a Feeding Trough 3

>Part 3 of 3 of God in a Feeding Trough click HERE for part 1

The arrival of the shepherds was reason for everyone involved to be thankful. In that very instant there was a sense of astonishment at the depth of all that had transpired. Shepherds came to find the Good Shepherd and realized that they had found everything just as the angel explained. The mother and surrogate father marveling at yet another angel relaying messages of thanksgiving and affirming the truth in spite of certain apprehensions. A mother given the title by Gods grace only, cherished all these promises in her heart. Much like the mother who watches her child willing to share with others without being prompted. That moment where something great has happened beyond themselves. Yet it is something that they were all still a part of.

And there is something more significant going on. Those moments where you know what has just happened is going to be even more significant than right now. Each second that past aged the event and brings out its true flavor revealing hues that were unseen and unknown.
A king in a feeding trough. They stood at the foot of a young child. A baby who in his infinite strength and wisdom did not regard His equality with His Father as something He had to steal. And thus was willing to step out of eternity to show that God in His infinite wisdom can reveal His power and glory in such a manner so as to lay vulnerable…in a feeding trough. Lying before a fallen creation at His feet which would willingly defy Him in any way possible. Yet on this stay those who gathered before his feet marveled at all the possibilities of what Messiah this Child King would do.

And just perhaps the Child Savior, King and Immanuel lying in a feeding trough marveled back that one day they would gather at His feet forever for what He has done.


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