>Wonder, Hope and everything else we saw under the bed and in the Corner

>I used to stair at my coat hanging off my chair  next to my Jayhawk drenched wall in the dark till it would almost say “you should have screamed by now.” Its funny how the imagination worked when we were young wherever even though you knew something was something just a little shadow on the subject left you to wonder “but what if it is not?” That question made it impossible for me to walk down my parents hallway without the light on or an escort.

Re(rereading) Ravi Zacharias’ book Recapture the Wonder has reminded me in chapter 1 alone of a time where I used to dream a lot more. I’ve noticed that even my daydreaming has become systematic: I daydream about the work I’m supposed to be doing. Whats the point of dreaming the same place you are. Deja Vu is no fun at work unless you can get paid double time.

It is the journey that matters. It is a privilege and His story. But God has not left us without some tangible manifestable, engagable involvement in this. I might not go so far as to say a will but something very much alive. I’m not sure where it was or if it even was one moment but somewhere along the lines I turned the lights on and stopped the wonder and amazement and excitement of unknowns and became systematic and employed and a tax payer. And then had the nerve to call that faith.

Wonder may be the one thing we give up when we turn the lights on and try to learn all the stuff around us like a science. No longer are there the stories that reach beyond gravity and dwell in a realm of imagination. Now every statement is guarded by rules most often framed with “Don’t” in the statement. How would you ever find fulfillment in a life like that. I like how Zacharias says in chapter 1 of Recapture the Wonder:

You see, fulfilled dreams are not necessarily fulfilled hopes. Attainment and fulfillment are not the same. Many dream and wish for the attainments that would make us the envy of our world. Careers, positions, possessions, romance . . . these are real goals, pursued by the vast majority who are deluded into believing that succeeding in these areas brings fulfillment.
‘Hope springs eternal’ I think someone said. Its not the fulfillment of dreams that make us complete. If that were so you would have never got the new PlayStation. No the journey is only part of it, but the object of the journey is what makes it worth it. If you have no wonder, you have no hope. You’re just pushing through to accomplishment. And that fills like rice cakes.

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