>You See Him…Look Again He is Right Under Your Nose

>Last night in our continuing saga through the 7 confessions series I realized a few things (one being someone is actually reading my blog. BLESS YOU KEION!) that have been a pick me up in this day-to-day journey which as of lately…about a year…been a bit ambiguous for me. Displaced usefulness is the word I would use. [If you come up with a good definition please feel free to send it to me. I’ll take the credit but I’ll be sure to pray for you. lol] As the case may be we were discussing this scriptural (and often repeated notion) that the Christian is referred to as a slave/doulos more than any other word in scripture. I attempted to supply AS SUPPLEMENTAL (to a great job by Mr. Warren and soon to be Mrs…well her name is Ms. Mathis for now) truth that God has us and He is constantly present. NO! Stop and reread this: HE IS HERE right now reading this while you read (and why I type for that matter.)

I love this quote by Maclaren (w/ a few notes from me and emphasis mine):

  • “If a man would grasp the fullness of spiritual sustenance which lies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let him go to work on the basis of the Gospel, and he shall feed in the ways and common duties will minister strength to him instead of taking strength from him. We can make the smallest daily incidents subserve [which means to help or promote] our growth and our spiritual strength, because if we thus do them, they will bring us to the attestations of the reality of faith by which we will act on them.”

Paraphrased for you all who claim I am too deep or something [Dense is the word I think of, I just attempt to fill those blank holes with truth.] I think MacLaren is saying GOD IS RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE the more you embrace that the more you have to live for. He is so close you miss it. So intimately involved with every part of your day you forget it and thus miss out on so much grace offered, so many great lessons, so much comfort and peace, and what apparently was new to many last night that God delights in His children.

How ofter in the struggles of marriage, work, friendships, internally, etc. do we fail to see the monsoons of God’s grace when we remember a conversation (with God) is not our one sided ‘fix this’ but His telling us ‘i am’ or ‘wait’ or ‘you are not all that you have made your rules to be.’ How often do we miss showers of grace in learning about God in the mundane moments of our job? How quick do we pass through the day and say when asked how are day went that ‘its over’ or ‘just another day’ as though God is not present. I cannot imagine the disciples saying ‘it was just another day’ walking with Jesus even if ALL they did is spent the day in prayer in Gethsemane. And He is much closer to us now than His walking with them then.

A thought. Stepping down from my apparent deepness and attempting to not sound cynical I suppose the application is what we want. Last night some real good application was derived from the thought ‘what if we didn’t have a written bible to read every day? How would we maintain faithfulness and seek to live a right life?’ This is what they concluded

1. Prayer: how much a prayer life changes when it is a conversation and not just slinging requests to God. We resolved it is imperative to pause long enough to:

Let God answer what we’ve asked of Him.

We also considered why is it we do not shout and run the aisles when God says ‘no you can’t…’

2. Memory: When done correctly drawing on the faithfulness of God in OUR past should point us to what God has found important. And it gives us rays of objective hope. Not first that this situation could be fixed but that HE is in control and whatever the outcome is He does will bring about His good. It does not take an entire book of the bible to inject this serum of Holiness into your arm for the day. You only need to believe that whatever you read is the life you are to live and  hold to that truth.

3. Other people: Its often seen that people who are ‘leaders’ are the ones we thank God for. But what about  those who do the things that get no attention. The Barnabas’ who encourage. The people who pester you and remind you that in this world you will have trouble. The ones who you hate their pride and it reminds you that you hate in others what (in principle) you have most in yourself. Those who fall short remind you that your forgiveness is an obligation. Those whose will to love you: the unlovable. These are all reminders of God’s presence, His reputation (glory), His sovereign work. Compassion is the mark of a believer (John 13:35.)

4. God Himself: Is there really any part of your life that God would say ‘I don’t care about that.’

These are just four. But I just venture to guess that if Hebrews 11:6 is truthful, applicable, relevant, ‘thats whats up’, or any other common word,, then it seems like the more you look the more you’re likely to say ‘your here too?’ I’m learning to accept that my pride has kept me from seeing God speaking in all circumstances. I was too busy listening to myself, staring at my navel, to see how He is right under my nose.

This is just a short list. Post back and tell us where else can we hear from God in a moment by moment ‘I really belong to Christ’ type of lifestyle?


3 thoughts on “>You See Him…Look Again He is Right Under Your Nose

  1. >This is a great read! I seemed to be reminded that God is "right there" when I look at my children. As I am with them, caring for them, that is my reminder that God is right there with me, caring for me.

  2. >"Oh its just another day, " is a phrase I will no longer be using lol. We never really think about those simple things we say that really says a lot. Its a mind set that we can grow past once we realize that He's always right here under our noses. Thanks DeLano!

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