>What Are u living For (who?)

>There is a book i hope to read at some point called last lecture. What i gather about it is what i think we tend to forget. You talk to older people who have reached the autumn in their lives and they all say the same thing in so many words. Would have spent more time with the family, less work, more…., less…. An urgency to do the things that matter but now the season has changed. Energy is less and has to be used more wisely.

Where is your urgency? How much time is wasted on things that do not matter? Do you live? Or is most of your energy reactionary?

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2 thoughts on “>What Are u living For (who?)

  1. >Interesting that you say this. I know I have encounter adults who has those very words or I have read it somewhere when a person is on its death dead (literally). But Speaking from a young persons perspective. We don't see it that way. The things we do, we don't see as a waste of time for the most part. We (I) are very urgent about things in life. Urgent for a career, get this to retire early and we haven't been on a job for 3years. Lol, urgent to move up in rank, to get married (if a person desires to),urgent to get a BIG house,how about this one urgent to get out of church sometimes just to catch a football game, urgent to meet someone, its urgent that we hear from God NOW (not his time our time),& etc… I am sure you got my point. Most young people like myself tend to think "we have time." We have time to worry about certain things later. I mean come on I am only 22,23,26 years old after all. Nobody or this city is going anywhere. That's we are told & think from time to time. As the blog states it we miss out on the things in life & we (I) will end up saying those very same words "wish I didn't chase after my career", "wish I would have spent more time with my____" how about the most important one of them all "Wish I would have got it right with God a log time ago!" Thanks for those question P.Sheff because now I can ask myself ask I move forward in this life.

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