>Clock Punching on Life

>I tread into this entry with some reservation as our postmodern society has made absolute statements become a firing range of ‘hypocrisy’ arrows and guns. But there is still a need for truth and perhaps failure keeps you humble to address it sprinkling mercy and grace like that girl on the McCormick salt container: a trail of it follows behind you.

I was reminded of something yesterday while hearing a message on Jonah. One that I had not forgotten more than a few days but none the less I had forgotten. We get up each day and make a life’s plans and decisions sort of punching a clock and doing all the things that we think are important. I recall a season of my life where this is how I functioned. Every day was a challenge to win on a battle ground that I had created. I suppose the benefit is knowing that because of those days (maybe even today) I know I am the chief of sinners. Then in a few simple words God said to me ‘is this all that Christianity is to You?”

God, creates man from a world, which he created from nothing. He permits mankind to decide that something is more pleasurable than Him and instead of destroying the entire world and starting over (or not starting over and resting in His own perfect in eternity) he redeems mankind not by calling ‘free’ from heaven but instead clothes himself in skin the same way He did us and pays the penalty for us:

      So he could pay our light bill? Give us a good job? Get your opponent back?

It seems that in the grand cosmic scheme of everything He has done. Which according to scripture is His good and pleasing will and was planned before the foundation of the world. Which the angels and heavenly host will spend eternity praising Him for. Which seems to be everything, would be everything to us? What more does God have to do for me to get me to stop punching a clock on devotion? What is more important to think about, to live for, to persevere because of? I think if I and a people who are members of a church ever desire to see even greater accomplishment, greater compassion for all people, greater works, it is going to take a greater understanding that only by God’s grace does a people have great accomplishments, greater compassion for people, and greater works.

But this does not happen when we push the clock on life. We cannot avoid the call of God when whatever He asks of us is always a privilege and never something we deserve.

Lord I want to live for thee

Everyday and hour
Let thy spirit
Be with me in its saving pow’r

Keep my heart and keep my hand
Keep my soul I pray and keep my tongue
to speak thy praise. Keep me all the way.

In my weakness be my strength
In my sorrow be my all
Be thy with me all the way
And hear me when I call
Lord keep
Whatever you do
Please keep
Keep me in your care
Please keep
Under the shadow of your wings
Lord keep me all the way.


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