>Monday Morning

>Anticipating some great things this year. In preparation for a lecture series on evangelism at Carver’s Williams Conference in March. Moving perhaps. Tests. Possible teaching opportunities. My son transitioning to school. My daughter transitioning to solid food. There are so many things unfolding that i have no control over.

You can watch and even perhaps have some desire for a certain conclusion. But the fact of the matter is we really do not have the power to produce the end effects we hope. There are too many variables involved. Never the less perhaps this is essence of faithfulness. At my best day, I should not have a reason to write the first paragraph. I mean there is no earning good opportunities. Well there is no good enough to balance out a fallen nature where we can honestly say we deserve anything good. But because He is so gracious now I am hoping that my failures, insecurities, and etc. do not keep me from what seems like could happen. If it weren’t for grace I can see how someone might have a ‘if I don’t mess this up its all going to work out’ attitude.

He grants us good and perfect gifts. Its monday morning. I am going to live thankful and bare my soul towards Him so that I can learn to be  more thankful; drawing the conclusion ‘he hath done all things well.’

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