>I got a good reminder from a good friend Andrew Nicholson last night as he was teaching the teens at bible study. (Luke 7:36-50) To the one who has been forgiven much they love much. Immediately I began to think about myself and incapacity to be able to as compassionate as I wish I could be; believe I could be. Or on the other side some people you try to love so hard and it appears as though you are not making an impact on their lives. And then there is a side of us that still refuses to love. Its us. But certainly there is something to say about the way we were raised, or pasts that we hold on to like good luggage.

The key to this text is not looking at the sin of the woman in relationship to the rule-keeping of the pharisees. I suppose that the key is concluding which one is really forgiven differently? It would be one thing if for the arrogant God paid for that sin by being attacked by a mob, and for the murderer he was drowned. But when all sin comes under the finished work of one cross we can conclude that whatever you do (or more importantly whoever you are [sinful]) we have collectively and at one moment been forgiven much. Or perhaps in simpler terms “who has not been forgiven much?”

If that is true then why would your capacity to love others be so fleeting? How can you lack compassion for others when God has not spared anything necessary to reconcile us to Him? It is in our misunderstand. We have not thought long and hard about how much He has (is) forgiven us. Even His forgiveness is perfect.


2 thoughts on “>Forgiveness

  1. >A wise man once said you cannot give some you haven't recieved. One cannot be compassionate until he has first recieve compassion. God has given us love, forgiveness, grace, that we may be instruments of these to others!

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