>Randomness Friday February 18, 2011

🍸 think the Wisconsin protests were sparked from the Egyptian protests.

– I watched the Social Network this weekend. Only at Harvard could a group of kids create something in the vitual world that would make millions and settle the arguement of who created it in the courts. At KU it would have been a brawl on Wescoe Beach.

– My Samsung Moment is having a moment. Every moment.

– As march madness looms I have to contemplate getting cable for a month. I know its sad but its March madness.

– As I prepare material for the notion of evangelism to postmoderns I have realized that there is a common theme accross the nation.And that theme is relationships.

– To those of you all who seem to come out of the woodwork with a vote of confidence and encouragement out of the blue you are much appreciated. I hope to in some way return the favor.

– I am not an Auburn fan. I mean that is the SEC thats almost blaspheme. But when you can poison multiple 200 plus year old trees on a campus because you hate a school that is madness. Thats like getting cable for a month to watch march madness….

– “We do not think we’re better than any one else. But we have a story that should be shared to…of what God has brought us through.” Well put Rev. Brooks regarding black history month. And there is the essential point of why there is a need for all cultures to be learned about.

– I have recieved a number of titles from people who indirectly has made me maintain some semblance of humility. Cringing when someone calls you something good is good. It means you haven’t concluded they are right.

– One more attempt at Word Fued. Don’t beat up on me Queet. I can’t spell that well apparently. But how do you get 43 points for the word ‘far.’

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