>Research Study: What is Your perspective of Christianity.

>There are perceptions of things, there is the reality of things, and then there are noble motivations flawed by human frailties. We look like a good intention, when the reality is it comes across incorrect, and our intent  was something beautiful but we never quite complete that circle. Well most of us…

You ever made a comment meaning one thing and found that the reception of it was completely off of your intention? Ever been hurt by person you really intended to encouraged? Perspectives are dangerous things. There is a need to dispel misunderstandings with the reality. And that reality is sometimes admitting “I am not perfect.”

I have a little research project coming up and I could REALLY USE THE HELP. The response I need is from people who are not affiliated with Christianity in the sense that ‘churchgoers’ would be affiliated. The question is simple: WHAT IS YOUR PERSPECTIVE (OR YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH) CHRISTIANS/CHRISTIANITY? What have you experienced, what do you think about those people, etc. Please feel free to share your stories, thoughts, etc.

I would appreciate keeping any vulgarities out of the language but if you have to be harsh be harsh just be honest. IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN please don’t share your perspective unless it is with respect to prior to your conversion. But if you have first hand responses from your friends or people you have crossed in life, I would appreciate you including those.

YOU CAN RESPOND HERE or you can send your email to delanojsheffield@gmail.com and put CHRISTIANITY in the subject please.

If for another reason here is a chance to stand on your soap box and know that one person is really listening to your thoughts. Thank you in advance.


3 thoughts on “>Research Study: What is Your perspective of Christianity.

  1. >There is a song by blues legend John Lee Hooker called "Burning Hell". Some of the more intense lyrics are "I don't believe in no heaven I don't believe in no hell When I die where I go Can't nobody tell".That pretty much sums up my viewpoint about all religions.The specific issues I have with Christianity are the same issues I would have with Islam if I lived in the MidEast or with Hinduism if I lived in India or so on. I do not accept things on faith-let along factual claims about how the world works, which religions insist on making.The other irritating thing about SOME religions but especially Christianity is the assertion that morality requires religion. It most certainly does not. Good and evil can be judged and recognized without turning to a belief in the supernatural.That said there are good and bad atheists and good and bad theists. I don't automatically think someone is a bad person because they believe in God. Most people do, after all-including family and loved ones. I just happen not to share that belief. As long as they don't bother me about it, I don't go out of my way to point out their logical fallacies or incorrect claims made in their religous texts.

  2. >Very interesting. Let me say I have found a few of your entries on theurbanpolitico.com also. Aside I suppose the whole thing is determining what absolutes are in fact absolutes and what things are relative.Thanks for sharing your thoughts this is very helpful (esp. your thoughts about morality and religion.)

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