>Rise oh Sleeper

>“Wake up, sleeper,

rise from the dead,

and Christ will shine on you.”

Whatever you have before you today. Whatever is at hand in your life that you have come to realize just how much we are not in control. Some days the thunder is so loud even though there is no cloud in the sky. So much noise you cannot hear, cannot think. And the noise can be agonizing. Whatever good or bad you find be encouraged. Be reminded if there is no hope then it does not matter. But because there is hope, there is a reason to endure.
For a little while we were in darkness and had not clue how bad things were. But now Christ has shined on us. It was dark, but now the Son is going to shine in the morning. Now we can trust that there is something to see better than what we see now.
Be encouraged in the chaos. Be encouraged in the pain. Be blessed by the suffering. Rejoice because your reward is great. God is on the throne. He has shown Himself to be faithful and good and for that alone is reason for Him to be praised.

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