>- Apparently this is the season of overthrowing dictators. If you are being a big meaning and you have a military you might want to convert your currency over to paper because people are not playing around. Democracy is hot right now.

– Word fued is an app that is similar to scrabble but chaotic like an addiction. You people who beat others down and then attempt to encourage them with “just keep playing you’ll learn how to do better” need to do work while at work.

– I really thought we were done with the snow. I threw my gloves away and everything. No point in keeping them you know you are going to lose one before the next winter.

– This world seems to offer the notion that you can’t win, what you do won’t be good enough, or if its good enough it certainly won’t be acknowledged. Not so. Not even close. Just keep enduring because. Well that is really the only mature option. You never know where the vote of confidence will come from. But when it does (and it does) it will be like you never expected. You’ll things about yourself that will make you say “that’s the kind of person I hope to be one day.” [Assuming there is humility]

– NCAA March madness is on the horizon. Pulled out the brackets for the last 23 years and started going through the info. Nothing better than college basketball. I’m praying someone hooks me up with NAIA tickets because I don’t care who is playing I’ll watch it.

– Sarcasm: Wait Funkhowser lost???

– Humor: Wait Funhowser is surprised he lost???

– Irony: The Streets are the cleanest after a snow they’ve ever been while he’s been in office.

I have more but I’m hungry. Its breakfast time. Have a great weekend all.



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