The TwentySomethings had a discussion last night. The challenge is to find ways to create unity and build the group spiritually. I was trully blessed by the discussion and am prayerful that we approach placing the spirit of these actions into application. As a group we need to constantly reevaluate whose goals, glory, and gifts we are trying to accomplish.

Below is their suggestions? What else do you see? What are some other ways that twentysomethings can do the work of extending reconciliation, the grace of the Gospel, and self-sacrifice to one another and the world? Please POST your thoughts and suggestions.

I.)           Unity Challenge

A.) Group 1

         a.)  News letter

        b.)  Sporting events

                –      Guys/Ladies can go to sporting events together or go play a sport together.

                 Sierra’s thought: A lot of teenagers and high school students attend sporting events such as basketball or football games. We could pick a high school every week and go spread the gospel and pass out fliers to the youth.

        c.)  Door-to-door ministries

                –      Fliers of 20 something group

        d.)  Send out inspirational messages throughout the week through email or text. Maybe will have a scripture, prayer or just an inspiring message of the day.

        e.)  New Members

  • During service, Pheff will have a couple of the 20 something members come back to greet and welcome and exchange contact info with the new people that just joined.

        f.)   Work out together

  • Dealing with body image is sometimes a struggle for people our age. By working out together, joining fun workout classes, getting healthy eating tips can make us come together and support one another. Our bodies are temples that we should take care of.

        g.)  Prayer groups

  • We could have a prayer box or something of the sort. We could let people know of a prayer request, and keep it on us and pray collectively for that person or situation.

                –      Ex: I have a test at 12:00 on Wednesday. Everyone would have a posted or text message/email saying to please pray collectively for a couple of minutes during this time for me or whoever.

        h.)  Conferences

                –      Woman of Faith Conference

  • Please contact Tsheff regarding this conference.

–      Legacy Conference

B.)  Group 2

        a.)  20 Something group fast

        b.)  Pass out fliers about 20 Something Ministry

        c.)  Information

        d.)  Open Mic

C.) Group 3

        a.)  Creative ways to spread the gospel

  • Spread the gospel outside of clubs during the summer
  • On campus: UMKC, Metropolitan Community Colleges, Malls

        b.)  Prayer box/ Group prayer

        c.)  More fellowship opportunities

        d.)  Study nights

        e.)  Small group/ open dialog/ round table discussions

        f.)   20 Something dinner party

        g.)  Game nights

        h.)  Blogging, FB, Q&A

D.) Group 4

        a.)  First Saturdays

        b.)  Events at other churches we could attend and pass out fliers about the 20 Something Ministry. At the events approach people in pairs and just be welcoming and friendly, show love.


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