Critical Thinking

I have the privilege of giving a lecture tomorrow morning to some teens and fathers/guardians at a Father/Son brunch. They are members of the Johnson County chapter of Jack and Jill of America. I recall my days sitting in similar events as a child with my parents learning some things that seemed a bore at the time but now have become quite useful. I have attached my feeble attempt to convey the notion that sometimes we need to think harder about everything in order to determine what really matters most. We have become so relative that having an absolute in anything is almost out of the question. A generation may have some other ingredients involved in its destruction but a purpose is certainly one of the ingredients that you can’t stay in the kitchen if it is missing.

Here is a copy of my material from the lecture: Critical Thinking

For general reference please check out these websites for critical thinking, reading, and exploration:

Here are some sites as related to critical thinking in relationship to a biblical worldview and developing a solid reasoning for the objective faith in Jesus Christ.

And Here are a few ARTICLES and ESSAYS and illustrations you might want to download:

Lastly there are a number of books, materials, programs to use an individual or as a family. I have yet to purchase this but I have not heard anything bad about either one. If you buy it and want to send me a copy I’ll be sure to send an extra prayer of thanksgiving to God for you:

Critical thinking is an integral part of our development as people. It does not negate the need of faith or presuppose that the result will be a false arrogance. When utilize properly it should aid in discerning what is true and what is fallacy and trusting God in everything.


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