Blessed are the Mourning Ones

Blessed are those who mourn,

for they will be comforted.                                               Matthew 5:4

It is a painful joy. Learning to accept what you think you are is not what you think you are. Painful because your fingers are peeled off the things, the feelings, the actions we love to grip (they feel so comfortable don’t they?)  Joy in finding that when God is pealing back our fingers it is not to take things away from us as much as He is pulling us toward Him. He has grabbed us not the product of our desire. These moments of clarity bring about a kind of real mourning. We have to examine the kind of mourning we are doing. Jesus’ discourse in Matthew 3:5 (See draw us to conclude that it is good to mourn. The concern is mourning over what?

Only the destitute approach this mourning properly. You can not get to this type of weeping by brief moments of awakening of sin only to ‘dig deeper’ into your own self-determination. The poor have reached this balance: there is reason to weep over sin. To weep about their own sin alone is prideful because you fail to see the impact of sin in the world beyond yourself (before you and after you.) To mourn only over the sin of the world fringes on ignoring the fact that you are in this world and are thus a part of the problem also.

How blessed are those who have resolved theirs and the worlds  insufficiency and spiritual lacking to the point where their life has become mourning. Some people weep about bad stuff. Some people complain about bad circumstances aggressively. When you do not have it (because you lack it and the world lacks it and there is no space shuttle to take you to anywhere else) mourning is the only option left. We are the world and the world is fallen. Who else is there to trust to pick up the broken pieces but the creator of broken?

Praise the Father, who from Heaven
Unto us such food hath given
And, to mend what we have done,
Gave into death His only Son.                                          John Hus

God mends the soul of the destitute broken-hearted mourners. He mends them until there is comfort. But He does not put the pieces together and then use glue or duct tape. He mends from the inside out. He mends souls together in Christ Jesus. 

How deep and ineffably precious is the comfort God provides for the fallen who embrace their fallenness. If you are confident, there is no reason to weep. You are making it (where?) on your own. But when you have tasted the drops of God’s grace like water in a desert even darkness around will yield fruit in due season. No discomfort or hurt caused by yourself or others supercedes the hands of God massaging away the hardened tears of despair. Pain is temporary God’s hand at work in a mourning heart is forever.

Blessed are those who through lifes lessons of OUR shortcomings have learned to mourn properly, for they are ones who have recieved an eternal kingdom comfort.


2 thoughts on “Blessed are the Mourning Ones

  1. Dsheff, thank you…And the world has foolishlessly taught us not to weep. Mistake number 1!! It’s good to know the One who said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”. Just thinking of that bring excitement to my soul. I don’t believe we truly understand comfort spiritually. I’ve received comfort from the world and at times is was sufficient, temporal but sufficient. I can’t even imagine the comfort that is promised from the text. thank you again for sharing.

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