Blessed are the Meek Ones

It would seem that this ‘blessed’ is referring to meekness toward mankind. But at this point in the Beatitude discourse Jesus is still addressing the kingdom character in relationship toward God.

A quick look at the progression to see that with each blessed, ‘meekness’ toward God is not something that will come easy. This is the beatitude that breaks me down to nothing and sends me back to ‘blessed are the poor in spirit’ for further review. I believe it was Augustine that said something about concupiscence or ‘navel gazing’; the issue of pride as the culprit of all failure. None of us major in humility. It just does not pay well to be meek.

But that is the exact ingredient in the perfect mixture that Jesus describes in the kingdom citizen. Humility towards God implies both directly and indirectly that we resolve our will to be futile and instead wrap our ductility and obedience in God’s will. But even more it is the answer ‘if we shall reign with Christ shall we not also suffer with Him?”

These are the terms of  God which I come face to face with the blatant reality of my apparent immaturity. I have not yet accepted the oppression of life, the failure to receive love and much more extend that love as it should be, to accept the dealing of God to be called a “meek” or humble one like this text describes.

God has to cut. I know that.

But it does not feel good. And I am not partial to sitting that still. Even though I know His cuts are clean and quick. Much quicker and cleaner compared to the world.

There is the resolve but no patience or perseverance in my weakness to be meek. If I am strong then I am not meek. But my resolve is accepting the songwriters lyrics “whatever my lot thou has taught me to say it is well.” THis teaches me to be a vessel of perseverance and love. Oh God may you make me never give our fight. Maintaining meekness until love lives through me.

And when the meekness comes we inherit the land like the Israelites who  received the promised land. Whatever we experience is superseded by our willful submission to God and to love him and mankind that material possessions do not matter any more. Whatever material possessions do not matter any more. Whatever material supplies God provides gets the greatest use because they are not everything to me any more. My greatest possession is doing earthly good.

God make me “meekly repentant, meekly enduring, meekly obedient” so I will inherit the quiet possession peace.

“He that overcometh shall inherit all things.”


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