Blessed the Hunger and Thirsting Ones

In a day of regular consumption it is odd to me that all that we consume usually makes us hungrier than we were prior to the consumption. Take the tangible or the intangibles as an example and they all seem to draw the same conclusion. We hunger and thirst for cars, kids, clothes, careers, and candy. And they never fill, never quite bring about the sustaining laughter, joy, debt free feeling that we thought they would. And likewise I have seen very vividly that anger as just one example of an intangible gives people a temporary satisfaction but it never fills. They need more to be angry about, and usually the ones they are angry with are left empty also.

Why is it with such an empty take on this journey we still waste our time actively pursing to be empty. The career never fills as much as a calling. The vehicle never takes as far as perseverance. The feeling never satisfies as much as faith. But we endure in nothing to be filled with anything that leaves us bankrupt.

Matthew 5:6 is the arrival of the one who has understood that our poor, mourning, and meek. You cannot arrive at this in your own ability only the broken are filled with their cups running over. But this truth is not in a vacuum. What option do you have other than to seek and hunger for what is right in word and deed when you realize that you are nothing in the face of a sovereign God? If you are still looking at ‘what you do good’ you have not see the righteousness of God properly. It is like standing in four feet of mud and telling the guy next to you standing in five feet of mud ‘you are dirty.’ Righteousness begins and is maintained in God.

When you arrive at that perspective then there is a need to be filled you will find that He rewards us with the very thing that is sought after. And there is the whole essence of the beauty of the beatitude. I have sought many things and got them. But they never filled.

But better to long for something never attainable. Better set a souls aspirations on Godly directions and wait the eternal blessed hope of being filled that to fill yourself with nothing.

In times past we filled ourselves with whatever was convenient and quickest…but that is not your life now.

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