I recently read this article about successful PhD candidates. It seems perhaps the blog is on the right track for PhD work if for no other reason. I mean I hope that something said is useful to others, leads or encouraging our holding to truth and its implications. But the article said the ‘magic’ number for amount of time writing to prepare a successful dissertation is about 10,000 hours. 10,000 hours will get you there. And since you can’t actually get there writing the dissertation they suggest starting a blog to learn the art of writing.

Aside from that the three qualities of successful PhD candidates:

1. Perseverance: Among all the things in this characteristic what I particularly liked was the concept that “you have to get into your bunker and prepare for the onslaught of failure.” It is interesting that we tend to forget that you do not persevere through good things. You enjoy good things. Perseverance necessitates adverse circumstances.

2. Tenacity: They say “You will also need to actively, even aggressively, forge relationships with scholars in your field. Researchers in your field need to know who you are and what you’re doing.” I especially like this concept because it explains the need to hold firm but also to maintain relevance with your peers. The need to work together.

3. Cogency: Lastly the student “must have the ability to clearly and forcefully articulate their ideas–in person and in writing.” This sounds like my trademark concept: BE INTENTIONAL-everything you do matters to one degree or another.

While you may not be pursuing a PhD I believe whatever degree program you are in the same characteristics apply. Likewise in the body of Christ race we’ve already received the degree and now we’re fulfilling the course work so to speak. Failure is not an option…its going to happen, yet neither is perseverance. When conferred the position of Christian there is no other option but with gratitude to persevere tenaciously. Out of that perseverance we develop the ability to articulate in thought word and deed the reason for the hope within us. The more hours we spend in diligent persevering service the more apt we are able to write about it, regardless of the communication medium.

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