No kick back for Me

Doing some research this morning and ran across this little piece. Not quite certain of the value but names like N.T. Wright and especially Logos tied to it make me quite certain that you’ll get something valuable out of it. Bible Study Magazine describes the resource as one that: ‘deliver tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected voices in the church and biblical scholarship.’

Aside: If you are not familiar with Logos bible software it’s probably one of the most effective tools on the market (between that and Bible Works of course.)

At any rate check the website out for the magazine it is my understanding that by subscribing now for only $14.95 per year, you will receive a new issue of Bible Study Magazine every two months.

If you subscribe to the magazine PLEASE respond and let me know your thoughts on it so we can share with others.


One thought on “No kick back for Me

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