Theological Quickie

Wayne Grudem gives us a good definition of common grace:

Common grace is the grace of God by which he gives people innumerable blessings that are not part of salvation.”

And elsewhere he has stated that anything that is not on fire in hell is common grace. We are recipients of common grace all the time; many forms of it in this moment alone (internet, language, electricity, some of you have glasses on, etc.) The fact that we have the capacity to do anything is a product of common grace. There are so many reasons to be grateful to God. When we start to get a more proper perspective of things we start to understand how grateful we can be for so much. When those are seen properly then how much greater will the Gospel be to you. Discouragement and failure are byproducts of our feeble attempts to live outside of the Grace of God (his power, his correction, his truth, His good news.)

Here are a few quick points consider why Common Grace is important to you:

1. You willingly embrace the benefits of technology from people who have received common grace from God yet they do not know Him.

2. God extends this kind of grace to all (Matt. 5:45, etc.) It should lead us to conclude if we belong to Him we should extend grace to others.

3. Common Grace are ‘barn door’ size openings to people’s lives to introduce them to Jesus. Every cake needs a baker, every pot a potter, every HDTV needs a reason it is so clear. Those interests, likes, struggles, accomplishments, questions, are all ways you have at your disposal to lead people to a well flowing up to eternal life.



Is every topic of discussion a possible spring board to the Gospel? Can you share a moment or discussion have you found yourself in where it led to talking about God?


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