Day of Prayer

Today is the national day of prayer.

As you journey through the day keep in mind the fact that God is present and desires to hear from His creation. What are you praying for today? Have you found that talking to God is a priority? Take a few moments and share with Hold To Truth what you are sharing with God.

 “Prayer is not to inform God or to move Him unwillingly to have mercy, as if, like some proud prince, He requires a certain amount of recognition of His greatness as the price of His favor; prayer fits our hearts by conscious need and true desire and dependence to receive the gift which He is ever willing to give, but we are not always ready to receive.” Alexander Maclaren


2 thoughts on “Day of Prayer

  1. A few things I am sharing with God is, How I need him literally to teach me how to lead a future wife the way He (not I) see fit. I try to keep Eph.5:25 close to my heart daily. Also, praising Him in tough situations & understanding everything will be alright. Last thing, most of the wounds I had & have are more likely self inflected. In order to heal those wounds I have to walk towards the Balm.

  2. I am praying for healing. I have come to realize through the message that Pastor Brooks has been delivering that my wounds are self inflicted. If I don’t receive healing, those wounds will become scars. I don’t need more of them.

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