My mother is strong. She’s been one of the loudest cheerleaders in my life. Actually I that her and my father try to see who is the loudest; most ridiculously loud for that matter. In a sermon Pastor JL Brooks preached yesterday at Macedonia from 2 Kings 4 I had to call her and thank her for a whole new set of reasons more than I had already. That discussion is not relevant to this article what I do think is important is the residual reminder of the fact that God is ALWAYS providing what is necessary.

There are people in your life, my life, who are cheerleaders. Folks who take the more direct approach: the encourager, ‘rah-rah’-ers, the ‘you can do it’-ers, take this resource to help you along the way, the ones who believe in you and see things you never saw. We like those kind of cheerleaders, they scratch the backs of needs we can’t reach well.

Ironically there are some cheerleaders who come off in another manner but they are cheerleaders also. Those who are there but support from a distance, have little positive to say, draw attention to your flaws, always in the way, etc. And in many cases i might not be intentional it is just the way things play out. These cheerleaders are necessary because they keep you grounded, remind you that no matter how much you win, you are not the one making you win.

I think that regardless of the form of cheerleader the best way you can say thank you is to listen. To fail to heed to the message by a cheerleader is rejection of God’s good graces. How can He workall things (the suffering now and the glory later) together for the good of the corporate body if you refuse to receive the grace in the manner God intends to extend it?

Listen to those cheerleaders. They are there for His reasons.

HOLD TO TRUTH is Reading:

Slave by John MacAuthor

The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancy

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