FREE Gospel of John Audio in NIV

In keeping with the shameless plug. Perhaps you’re in a profession that doesn’t allow you to pull out the large family bible with the embroidered stitched back that weighs 30 pounds. But they have no problem with you facebooking, texting, and listening to audio files.

The Listeners Bible organization has offered the NIV Audio version for 49.95 in MP3  but they have offered the book of John in MP3 format for FREE. No gimmicks, simply give them an email address to send you the link and you can download it. I have downloaded it and found that Max MacLean’s theatrical voice is easy to the ears. Click the link here to go to the Listeners Bible and download your free copy and you can purchase the entire audio bible in multiple formats as shown on the page. They also have other versions and forms of media.

 If you download the file please drop a comment on this page that you have done so. Feel free to click here link to email others the information also. Thanks You.

4 thoughts on “FREE Gospel of John Audio in NIV

  1. I downloaded the Gospel of John and I think everyone should! Its a great thing to be able to listen to the Words of our Lord on the go! God bless!

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