Wait …we’re still here?

Harold Camping did not quite hit the proverbial nail on the rapture head. And a lot of people are out of some money, the church gets another tag of misunderstanding, and a lot of people who are skeptics will sing the ‘I told you so’ remix all the way till the next prediction.

There is perhaps one good thing that can come out of this for believers. The fact of Christ’s return is an essential belief in the Gospel message. Church history demonstrates we have pushed it down the priority line. We have replaced it with flying away at death, streets of gold, and heaven. The regenerated bodies and a new heave and a new earth are not the hope (that is hope which produces motivation.) But this is exactly what we should be anticipating. How much time would we spend on things…anything…if we knew that today is the day we will SEE the savior?

If you knew that the return were imminent what would your plans be for today?

  • What would your emotions be? Would things make you as angry or irritated?
  • What would your schedule be? Would you be doing anything differently?
  • What would your compassion be? You know where you are going, but are there others around you who do not know the way?
  • Would you help anyone else more than you are?
  • What else?

Share your thoughts with Hold To Truth.

HOLD TO TRUTH is investigating how we can help those in Joplin, MO (see here also.) Please pray with us and share your thoughts.


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