Freedom Friday- Leadership

I had the privilege of serving an upstart music ministry last night. With the focus and direction they are heading in, it is almost as though you would expect their explanation of the ministry to be “and we happen to sing also.” My hope is that C.O.G. is given a noble work that they might carry through till the day of Christ Jesus…(whenever that day is Camping.) We discussed servant leadership and how the faithful ministry leader, member, etc. will understand that our service to others is what makes the greatest harmony with God. The material is a summary of Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges The Servant Leader.

You can download the session 1 handout here:      Hold To Truth Summary on Leadership

We are going to try to get you access to free (or relatively free) material on freedom Fridays to help you grow and broaden perspectives and change paradigms. Todays suggested resources comes from Ligonier Ministry’s $5 Fridays. R.C. Sproal is a solid biblical teacher and has paired up numerous teachers from John MacArthur to Sinclair Furgeson to John Piper. Suggested reading from Sproal, The Holiness of God. Ligonier also has a ministry app on android with daily articles, bible study material, audio lectures and sermons. Check out the $5 Friday material on the site also.


  • Free to apply to Gospel to every part of our life.
  • Free to spend time learning one part of The Truth in more detail.
  • Free to encourage others, by talking to the ones you care about in detail about the things that really matter in life. (What could a real conversation do for those we love?)
  • Free to supply undefiled religion to others in the form of caring for the poor.
  • Free to grow, invest in your own maturity, sacrifice and reap eternal benefits.
  • Free from accusation, condemnation, and the stodgy life.
  • Free to suffer for the Glory of God.

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