Experiencing God

Tonight Macedonia Baptist will start our small group series using Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God Together as a Church. Pray for September and I (and my wife and the rest of the small group members) to be an encouragement to one another that part of our purpose is to remind each other that salvation is not exclusively for you alone. We are not some group of people who coincidently have found one another as acquaintances. We are as Dietrich Bonhoeffer said‘we belong to one another only and through Jesus Christ.’ That belonging has implications.

Over the course of this series I will be dedicating a day of each week to offer meditation, review, supplementary material, and provoking questions germane to this issue of corporate body life. The series will be in honor of Bonhoeffer. It will be called LIFE TOGETHER (and you can get my list of all downloads at Experiencing God Together.) If you are not a Macedonian or a HoldtoTruth follower, a Christian, unbeliever, skeptic, or agnostic I believe the questions matter and your thoughts are encouraged. To say you do not believe is one thing, but at the least we all possess an innate desire for community of some sort…if this were not true you would not be on the web reading this blog.

More to come. Please support HoldtoTruth movement by forwarding holdtotruth.com to your friends and encourage them to SIGN UP for future updates, e newsletters, prize give-aways, etc. They can sign up

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