The Push Through

Those close to Hold To Truth know about the significant changes going on in the life of this ministry. God has a way of allowing flurries of events to occur from time to time. When you know it is time for things to happen there is really nothing you can about it. Either you will go ahead and walk in the direction you should, or you will not. And your mind will keep walking there where your feet are way back at the beginning. There is where the tension occurs. Like a thin cord linked from  you to where you know your destination is supposed to be and your hesitant movement causes the issue.

I do not mean to create a semantic issue. Sometimes not moving is really moving. I suppose to sum up the idea is that there is a tension caused from going to those places we need to be and staying somewhere we’re no longer supposed to (not necessarily sinful, just not as fruitful.)

Hold to Truth is at a place I am calling the push through. Not the forceful, not the manipulating, but the push through. And neither is it some sort of new age ‘beakthrough’ liberation theology, everywhere you step will be your land, type stuff either.  We do feel however that God is permitting grace to be extended in the form of expansion and until we get clarity otherwise we are going to look and push through our frailties and see where he leads us. And with all the affirmations of prayer and discernment with others we will walk with patience and Godly hesitation as He makes light unto our feet.

Pray for us as we pray for you and we will push through together.

3 thoughts on “The Push Through

  1. Nothing long or even very philosophical – Think about the birth process, the last moments before birth require pushing; painful and tiring. Speaking from experience, there were times in that birthing process that I wanted to give up because it felt as though my efforts were for naught. Then something amazing happens; the birth of something beautiful and worthy of your love and care. Just keep pushing,k there’s a miracle just waiting to happen.

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