Facebook…thanks for getting me started Pastor Rayden

This is interesting. I got it from Pastor Rayden.

I think the fundamental issue with media is when you lose your capacity to develop any conceptual thinking from how you are spending your time it could develop into a wasted perspective of how much grace you have receive leading toward eternity. Facebook is a paradox of humanity.  We crave for community and relationship, but in the context of settling for ‘like’ buttons and video clips of what matters to me at the moment. And usually if we listen we will realize that someone has been asking us all the questions that shows they care about the real ‘us’ all the time. The tough questions. The ones you have to go somewhere to sit down and think about before you can give an answer.

I might be misquoting but Chuck Swindol says there are 3 levels of conversation. The highest level of discussion is about principles, the next level is about events, and the lowest is people (He goes on to say you can find all three in scripture. And from my perspective another way to study scripture.) Most conversation lingers around people, and we’re usually too passive to get to events and certainly very rarely get to principles (or at least all parties involved.) Where do you stand in your conversation? In a twenty-four hour day how much influence do you have with others in your conversation. Do you provoke others to put their hopes in things eternal, real permanence, things that matter?

Read the Facebook facts below and share your thoughts on my questions. Tell me where I am off. As a matter or fact Hold to Truth has a lifeway gift certificate to the FIFTH response to these questions (provided we get at least ten responses.) We’re looking for candid truth to any of these questions in principle, not eloquence. POST your thoughts below to be eligible.

  • When was the last real conversation you had? Last real conversation you had that was not provoked by a traumatic event?
  • What was the last question someone asked you, that you should have taken time to answer that they are still waiting your response?
  • Why do we pass up real opportunities to learn ourselves and others for the simple, the rules, and the fleeting?
  • When we cross paths in people’s lives, is that God extending grace? What are the implications of that in the content of our interaction with one another?
  • What would Facebook look like if we really wanted to know each other better?


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