Maintaining the right perspective on things can be difficult. I think we get these crazy moments in our lives we call ‘storms’ and they lead us to Our Father. They are Gospel recalibrators; moments that bring us back to the center. In these crazy moments we tend to pray differently. The petitions start to sound more like “what are you doing God” than a “would you do this for me, and I want this” kind of mentality. Searching for His purpose becomes the priority, then what will that purpose have with me.

Centered perspectives will take that direction as the only way to live one’s life. Today perhaps our focus and direction, our passion and fire should be to understand what His purpose and will is today, in this moment, this hour… I think we will tend to accept that ‘good’ is best defined by the only one who can create ‘good’, and self-preservation is not the immediate outcome of trusting God.

What is God’s purpose with the rest of the day we have been given? If you are suffering presently, what is His purpose and then how does your suffering relate to it? If all in your life is perfect, have you thoroughly considered God’s purposes?

3 thoughts on “Centered

  1. Though this post is brief, I feel as though it has touched directly on some of the issues that I find myself to be facing over the course of these pase few weeks. My heart and mind yearn to centered on God’s word and will….but I allow my flesh to be the driving force behind a number of my decisions. I know that I can’t continue walk the line and I’ve been in search of an answer….the right answers and true fellowship in the word. I am glad that my brother (Clinton) suggested that I check out this blog. I’ve read many things that I needed to hear, process and implement into my life and a truth that undoubtedly brought me to perspective on what I need to do to become “centered” in Christ!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad and encouraged that you have found something useful to supplement the grace of God you have recieved from Him. Real answers and right answers are found from Him. We just have to learn to embrace this fact. Keep coming to visit, your thoughts will most certainly be a reminder to others to realize who we are in Him.

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