Jump on some Joy

I recieved a suggestion from someone and I think it is a good subject worthy of discussion. But the jury is out on my conclusions….for the moment at least. I find as I get older and the more theology I learn, and more important the more I live with a better appreciation of who I am not (although I thought I was) I draw less absolute conclusions. This one I think I’m not too far off.

My thoughts are not the ones that matter though. Yours are what I want to hear.

The issue of joy in the face of scripture and the fact that this world seems to be an elusive prize and one that is easily compromised with ‘enjoyment’, happiness, and other things that sound similar but are not necessarily the same thing. I think the may be a helpful distinction (although this is partially a theory because I am immediately reminded of Philippians 2:1-3 as a caveat) that it is very difficult to give someone else joy, and almost as difficult to offer sustainable happiness in them.

It is a bit complicated. But worthy of discussion. So if you could either COMMENT BELOW on the subject matter or send and email to holdtotruth@gmail.com I would love to hear your thoughts about the topic of Joy.

  • What is Joy? (What is the overall idea from scripture, what is the world’s perspective, and what is your actual definition. Because most often those three are not exactly the same thing.)
  • Is joy the same thing as happiness, as enjoyment?
  • Can you ever really in yourself bring joy to someone? Or is it happiness? Or does the recipient have to have the right mind state?
  • How is joy related to serving in the Christendom, living out the object hope, and maintaining the right Christian perspective?
  • Do you have any joy? Or do you find yourself looking for happiness?
  • Does our looking for happiness work towards the detriment of others? Are we hindering them by settling for looking for happiness?
  • Some of this may also be related to comfort, peace, etc.

It would make me very happy to hear from you all, I am certain I would enjoy what you all have to say, and somewhere between that and scripture and most likely a rereading of some material from C.S. Lewis I will find some more joy. So please if you find a moment to respond I would love to hear from you.

One thought on “Jump on some Joy

  1. I do think that you can bring others joy, but I don’t feel that you can bring them happiness. Their mindframe has to be on God. If you are leaning to your own understanding, how can you be happy? I can try to bring you joy by giving and you be appreciative of what I give, but happiness is another subject.

    I trust in the Living God, so I don’t worry about most of nothing because I trust Him and know that He is leading me and this whole universe. My happiness comes from trusting in Him.

    Without Him, I am nothing.


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