Life of Jesus

I’ll be a professor in the fall. I keep asking Our Father to move me out of things if I am going to be a hindrance or if I have assumed something that was not His intention of me doing. And He keeps answering with opportunities that are not deserved. In a few weeks I’ll be shaping bible college student’s minds about a man from an obscure town in Israel. Some of the students will most likely be pastors; brothers who have long since endured in service compared to my few years of preparation. All again very humbling.

This is probably the class I was least prepared for. And thus probably the course I would be the most effective. Sad that Greek or Systematic Theology or history of the early church fathers would have put me in a better ‘comfort zone’ perspective. But over the course of the last month the numerous books and prayer and lectures and notes and constant purchasing at and Mardel’s has led me to one a few key thoughts:

– We attempt to domesticate the savior.

– The creeds are right in ALL noting that Jesus is “sitting on the  right hand of the father.”

– Philip Yancy’s book is dead on. There is a ‘Jesus’ that is mine, and then there is Jesus who reveals himself.

I don’t recall the quote exactly but I think I’ll paraphrase it: gazing and staring while appearing similar. But gazing happens when you stop talking and the object of your gaze speaks to you.

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