Life of Christ: Spiritual Patience

God grant me the serenity to wait.

To keep the mind state that whatever it is I think I need, or thought I have lost, or hope to get rid of can wait.

And to see those moments which feel like eternity are meaningless seconds in comparison to the thousands of years you waited…

just to send the Son to be incarnate …

in order to die…

for us.


God give me that kind of heart.

The Gospel teaches patience. Over and over again.

One thought on “Life of Christ: Spiritual Patience

  1. This is good Sheff! definitely needed to read this. I know that is what he is teaching me know…PATIENCE!! Also reminding me of what he has done for me before so why be anxious and discouraged when I know He will do it in His time! I just have to wait! Which can be hard at times!

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