Life of Christ: A new Beginning

10 years ago entering seminary (immediately following a degree in engineering) I had no clue that the opportunity to teach would arrive so quickly. All the things I had anticipated to occur have no yet occurred. I have still not arrived in fulltime ministry. Yet to get to a point in my preaching where I’d like to be. Yet to write that book. But the things I have done I expected to be much further away if they occurred at all.

Many evenings I spent walking past Carver Seminary since I live in the neighborhood but I never really thought of the possibility of being a professor there. Tonight will be the inauguration of what is hopefully a long term relationship. It is a priviledge to be able to shape minds about eternal things.

And that is how Jesus does things. Things come full circle with a greater importance.

A little conference at Carver in 2001 and a man named Jonathan Nightingale reciting 66 chapters of scripture ver batum led to me sitting at Midwestern Baptist Seminary trudging through greek and hebrew, learning to love God more and cultivating a hope to accumalate the $22,000 so I can get a PhD and reach back into the community and teach others.

Tonight we will all begin to learn that Christ makes everything different. And I pray I serve the pupils well so they learn to think, learn to embrace the Father, and learn to love their fellow mankind better. That is the life right?

3 thoughts on “Life of Christ: A new Beginning

  1. I’m sure you’ll do great, sir. God has used you in my life (as well as many others) through The 20Something Ministry. Your new pupils will be well served.

  2. And, as one of his students I am so excited. Already we have been given information to help us view scripture in terms of the 3 areas that affect our learning. They are Logos-Pathos-Ethos. Actually looking at scripture in light of these 3 areas is so beneficial. There is so much work to do prior to reading scripture, knowing who the author is, knowing who it is written to, the location, the period in time and background material. The more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know. Looking at scripture has an added brick to the foundation for me. –Donna

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